Lascaux cave prehistoric monument in Dordogne

Discover the “Sistine Chapel of Prehistory”

The International Center for Cave Art, better known as “Lascaux”, opened its doors in December 2016 in Montignac in Périgord. A few steps from the original cave closed to the public in 1963, this new museum is located at the foot of Lascaux hill, thus protecting this jewel, classified as a UNESCO world heritage site.

Dicover this breathtaking replica at Montignac-Lascaux in Dordogne

Also called the “Sistine Chapel of Prehistory”, Lascaux is to this day the most famous and most famous cave in the world. It was discovered in 1940 by 4 Perigord teenagers from Montignac in the Vézère valley in the Dordogne – Périgord department. It was first open to the public for many years until its final closure in 1963 in order to be preserved from its rapid wear and tear caused, among other things, by its numerous visitors.

This jewel of Humanity can finally re-reveal its secrets to us thanks to the Cave Art Center located at the foot of the hill, thus protecting the landscape of the cave. You will also discover many new technologies such as augmented reality tours or 3D cinema.

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