Family property since 5 generations

Here in this tiny 4-star campsite in Périgord, a whole Périgord family has been welcoming you for over 30 years! Our guest campsite is faithful to the traditions that make Périgord famous… when hospitality is no longer a profession, but a family passion.

Discover our story: the long version, the one that began more than 100 years ago in La Nouvelle Croze in Périgord…

Eugenie and Guillaume Mauzat moved to “Rousty” on La Nouvelle Croze property which means a “water hole” in dialect and which designated a small lake on the location where the swimming pools are located today. They then began farming.


Eugénie Mauzat, portrait saisie en 1910 à Paris à ses 16 ans.

Marie and Paul, sons of Eugénie and Guillaume, develop agricultural activity on the 7 hectare property by producing strawberries, vines and particularly specializing in the breeding of young cattle for working the neighboring agricultural lands.


Histoire faimia

War breaks out in Europe, Paul like thousands of French people goes to war and leaves his wife and two children René and Georges at work in La Nouvelle Croze. He was imprisoned in Germany where he attempted to escape twice. He will return in 1945.


La propriété familiale. En fond on reconnaitra la maison familiale devenue le Gîte Eugénie.

Georges, who works as a mason while working on the farm, plans the idea of creating a campsite on the property and begins the drawings with an architect. The project will be abandoned due to lack of resources and time.


Permis de construire

Jean-Noël, returning from the Paris firefighters, decides with Brigitte and the help of his father to embark on the realization of this project stored in a drawer: creating a campsite.


La légende de l'image

The campsite work will last 2 years. Jean-Noël and his father Jojo, will have built almost everything together, being masons and tilers by trade.


Jean-Noël et Georges lors des travaux de construction

The campsite obtains its 4th star and becomes the smallest 4-star campsite in all of Aquitaine with its 40 pitches. Quentin is just celebrating his 1st birthday 🎂 and is spending his “first” season at the campsite, another job for Brigitte and Jean-Noël.


Quentin, Jean-Noël et Brigitte

As the campsite celebrates its 30th anniversary, Quentin officially takes over the business and decides to create a new indoor swimming pool as well as a wellness area to offer even more services throughout the campsite’s opening period.

Small expansion of the campsite, the first since its creation, to accommodate 4 new eco-responsible accommodations: Lodges installed in the valley of the campsite, with a breathtaking view of the countryside. It is also an opportunity to highlight the ongoing eco-responsible approach of this family property.

We look forward to writing a new page in our history with you…