Welness & Spa Relaxing stay in Périgord

Nothing better than our small wellness area in La Nouvelle Croze, in Rouffignac in Périgord near Lascaux, to relax during your stay in Dordogne. A relaxing stay in Périgord guaranteed.

Need a relaxing wellness break during your stay in Périgord ? In addition to our heated swimming pool, discover numerous treatments such as a relaxation area, balneotherapy, hydromassage jets but also massages, osteopathy sessions by appointment and access to our original sauna.

Massages, cares and wellness in Dordogne


During the session, the notion of time and space will fade to give way to a total reconnection with oneself and a deep and lasting appeasement. Holidays are the best time to make the most of a good relaxing massage in Périgord.

The massages are carried out with pure, organic and high quality essential oils to ensure intense relaxation.

Certified in Ayurvedic and reflexology and passionate about human relationships and well-being, Cécile has been offering well-being massages in the Dordogne for many years. A prior discussion will allow you to choose the massage best suited to your needs and desires. A truly relaxing stay in Périgord.

Cécile, your masseuse in our relaxation area at Camping La Nouvelle Croze, offers you for your relaxing stay in Périgord:

  • Relax: massage of the entire back part of the body, from feet to head,
    Intuitive: tailor-made massage according to your needs and the feelings of Cécile, The Best-Seller!
  • Ayurvedic: massage of the whole body according to the ancestral method with hot oils,
  • Pregnant woman: nothing like a specific massage for future mothers,
  • Thai foot reflexology: massages the reflex zones of the foot to relax your body,
  • Amma: back massage, seated.

Rates :

30 min : 42 €
70 min : 62 €
15 min (assis) : 15€

Osteopathy sessions at the campsite


Osteopathy is a preventive and curative discipline. The hands of our practitioner, using appropriate gestures, will manipulate your body to detect tensions, imbalances and mobility limitations.

Osteopathy is a manual therapy, which consists of restoring the mobility of the structures making up the body. It takes into account the body as a whole, in order to prevent, diagnose and manually treat mobility restrictions. The body constitutes a functional unit where each zone is connected to the others by tissue, vascular and nervous means.

Your osteopath D.O. in our wellness area at Camping La Nouvelle Croze for a relaxing stay in Périgord

Rate : 50 min : 58 €