Environmental approach an eco-friendly campsite in Dordogne

Because we offer you the opportunity to recharge batteries in the heart of nature in Périgord in a peaceful surrounding, we obviously act everydays to preserve the biodiversity which makes the beauty of the landscapes by being an eco-responsible campsite in Dordogne- Périgord.

La Nouvelle Croze named “jury’s favorite”by the Green key label

Label Clef Verte

La Nouvelle Croze campsite is certified by the recognized organization “GreenKey”, an international eco-label.

In addition, we were named “favorite” of the jury in our category in 2022 for the seriousness of our environmental commitments.


Planted and managed sustainably tree in Francefor each booking of 1 week !

For each reservation of at least one week made directly on our site, we are committed to the development and renewal of local forests thanks to the Eco-Tree organization. Did you know that a tree absorbs on average 25kg of CO2 per year throughout its life? By this action you compensate for your journey to get to our eco-responsible campsite in Dordogne.

Logo EcotreeWith this approach, we want to give more meaning to your stay by allowing you to contribute sustainably to carbon capture in French forests. Thanks to your reservations, hectares of forests are renewed in France year after year.

For the year 2024, two species of trees have been planted and will be sustainably maintained over the years for the campsite by Eco-Tree: red oaks in the Gourin forest (56) and laricio pines in the Luthenay forest (58). If we chose to build a project with this organization, it is for their rigorous work and their monitoring for sustainable and tangible reforestation.

Once your reservation has been made and during your stay we will offer you ownership of your tree accompanied by its exact location. It will therefore truly belong to you, for decades!

A tree planted for any reservation of at least 7 days including administration fees made directly on our site

Our commitmentsecologicals et locals

By implementing a large number of virtuous and environmentally friendly measures, the La Nouvelle Croze campsite in Dordogne pays homage to the surrounding and generous nature in which it is part. Among our most virtuous approaches, here are some examples :

  • Reasoned and sustainable management of energy consumption, and active protection of nature,
  • Use of all labeled and concentrated cleaning products for better use of them,
  • Grocery store offering local products from short circuits, in bulk and half of which are ORGANIC,
  • Restaurant where more than 80% of the menu is made up of local products,
  • Recycling and Composting to reduce our non-recyclable waste,
  • Abandonment of polluting agents, Zero pesticides and no more use of controversial weedkillers,
  • Collection of rainwater reused for watering, flushing toilets but also washing machines.

Family and independent campsite with values

Eco-tourisme en Vézère

With a strong eco-responsible approach and stated ecological commitments, Camping La Nouvelle Croze wants to be inspiring for its vacationers who care about our planet and particularly the younger generations. You will have the opportunity to find all of our actions on the campsite, and we will have the pleasure of discussing them with you.

The La Nouvelle Croze campsite is also committed to its territory of the Vézère Valley, 20th Grand Site in France and is a signatory of the environmental eco-charter.